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Application Fee $50.00
Registration Fee $200.00
Materials and Supply Fee $180.00 ($90 per semester)
Please answer all questions to help us best serve your child’s needs. If registering more than one child please fill a form out for each child.

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Therapy Services

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Therapy Services provided in house by Hailey’s Family Services, LLC

Services Menu for Therapy

Speech Therapy – ½ hour service in house Our Speech-Language therapy services are designed for an individual plan of care to address each child’s specific need. Our therapists provide services for a diagnostic testing and therapy for children with speech, language and communication disorders.

Occupational Therapy – ½ hour service in house Occupational therapy helps children to strengthen the coordination between the brain and the body to enhance the function of daily tasks. OT benefits children with learning and behavioral disorders or challenges caused by brain trauma, stroke or a physical injury.

Physical Therapy – ½ hour service in house PT works to improve child’s gross motor functioning, focus is on strength, balance and coordination in relation to gross motor movements. Our therapy service is designed to help children achieve a functional motor level that prepares them for every day environment.

Other Therapy Services

Testing – $200.00 Standardized Assessment (ADOS 2) Brigance Developmental & Comprehensive Academic Skills Assessment

Tutoring-Buy more, Save more!
One month – 1 hour per week $95.00
By the week
– $28.00 per hour
Tutoring – Grades K – 4 – $28.00 per hour (1 subject) Tutoring – Grades 5 – 9 – $32.00 per hour (2 subjects) Tutoring – Grades 10 – 12 – $55.00 per hour (up to 3 subjects or 1 test)

Family Counseling Services – ½ hour up to 3- person – Each additional person additional rate applies.

Group Counseling Services – ½ hour (must have 4- person to have group)

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