News from Mr. Frank’s Class May 2017

New LEAPS logo I feel like April has been a whirlwind of activity. We had Easter and testing and Earth day as well as Photo day. In preparation for testing we did a wide variety of work trying to fill in any gaps in Knowledge we might have missed. We spent a lot of time on parts of speech and on science. We covered ecosystems and habitats and went in depth into the composition of soils (pun intended). We also covered the classifications of animals, especially of vertebrates and their four types. We also classified all life as consumers, producers or decomposers. In math we took a little rest from Singapore math. I knew Singapore math had given them a good basis for understanding word problems but I also wanted to make sure they knew a wide variety of math functions and terms. So besides prep for the test and the time testing we also had a lot of fun with the Easter season and spring. We studied the life cycle of different animal such as butterflies and frogs and toads. We also had an egg hunt and an egg decorating contest. We also have been having a lot of fun in art. We had some serious art projects such as how to draw a face and how to do gesture drawing, but the project the kids got the most into was an emoji drawing project. For earth day we learned about the importance of recycling and we did another art project of the earth using out hand prints to make a continent.