News from Mr. Frank’s Class March 2017

In Mr. Franks class we have been using “Singapore Math “in class. It was mentioned on NPR this week and they mentioned how effective it is.” Primary Mathematics (Singapore math) has taken the world by storm, and with good reason. This program teaches children to think mathematically rather than just having them memorize the mechanics of problem solving. Primary Mathematics lays a solid foundation for conceptual understanding using a three-step process, taking children from concrete, to pictorial, then abstract approaches to learning. Concepts are addressed from a number of directions that challenge students to think and understand.” In plain language it is not just rote practice but its Math in context with lots of word problems and pictures. It breaks down the theory into simple ideas that the students can understand so that they actually become math literate not just memorizing and then forgetting how to solve problems.

In science we made slime and tied it into the scientific process. The process is fairly simple although the science is not, we put school glue into a borax solution (borax is non-toxic and is the main ingredient in laundry detergent) and the glue changes from a liquid into a semi solid. I questioned the students as to what they thought would happen when we put the glue into the borax and most of them were expecting some kind of more violent chemical reaction. This led to a good discussion of the scientific process.

In social studies we have been studying the western frontier and tying this in with our reading. We have read about Daniel Boone and the other frontiersman as well as the Indians. We have also been working on Map skills which ties well into the travels of Daniel Bone as well as the Lewis and Clark expedition. The whole class is studying map skills while differentiating the levels. Some are on basic map skills and the use of the compass while others are working on Longitude and Latitude.

Pasco of course has not had any holidays in February but we have made the best of it with special work for Valentine’s day and for Presidents day. We have had Valentines math and valentine science and valentine reading and of course Presidents Day is a great day to delve into history and to start a report on Abraham Lincoln.

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