Mr. John’s New Sept 2017

New LEAPS logo I want to take this opportunity to welcome parents and students to the 2017-18 school year. I look forward to meeting each of you during the school session. My goals for the upcoming school year remain the same and that is to give each of your children the best learning environment that I can create. We as a team, and I emphasize the team, can and will make this a very successful year.
During the first nine weeks I will be testing each of my students to determine the starting point for each subject. This will be completed by eliminating the stress factor of success. They will be successful. Many of you will see information come home that will seem very repetitive and you would be correct. I find that many of our students lose their academic structure and meaning of subject matter. I will reintroduce these starting points especially in math and science.
Homework assignments will be sent home Monday-Thursday. I use homework to reinforce the subject matter of the day. I don’t expect you to do your student’s homework but would like your assistance in making sure they attempt each assignment. All homework assignments are due the next day.
In our reading class I will stress the enjoyment of reading and comprehension. I want to see less time spent coding and more time understanding. We will read a variety of subject matter from poetry to general information. You will notice that I will move from multiple choice questions to short answer and opinions. This ensures a better understanding of the material by using application to their world.
My math class will stress understanding rather than answers. I will want to see their work and explanation of why they did what they did. The following areas will be covered: perimeters, area of rectangles, squares and triangles, fractions, decimals and pre algebra concepts.
In our science class we will explore the planets and the solar system, and know and understand the scientific process. We will do several projects in the classroom that will stress the lessons of the month.
The class has their first project assignment that is due September 5. This project is labeled “All About Me.” Please asked your students to show you what they are doing and the outline I gave them for the project.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enrich and educate your children.
Mr. John

Upcoming Events & Announcements

  • Labor Day – Sept 4
  • Progress Reports – Sept 15

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