Mr. Franks Class News Sept 2017

New LEAPS logo It has been an exciting start to a new school year. One of the exciting events was an eclipse. We used this event to start a section in science on the solar system and studied specifically about the Sun, the Moon, and about Solar and Lunar eclipses.
We have many good readers in Mr. Frank’s class, and much of our reading this week was about the solar system as well. We also read a book called “Elmer and the Dragon” in class which the students enjoyed. I try to have some time in class where we group read, somewhere they read on their own and somewhere they listen to me read. With all types of reading, they then have practice to test their comprehension. Sometimes I will ask questions orally and other times there is a writing response. I emphasize that they should always answer in complete sentences and with good paragraphs where appropriate. We always start our day off with writing, usually with a journal entry. This develops a habit of writing.
We have also started Social Studies. We have started a section on early people and migration. We started with a lively class discussion on what are the essential needs of people to survive and then on how people migrated to the Americas. I was very impressed with how the students chimed in, and some of their very thoughtful insights.
We have also started sections on language and spelling. We will have a spelling test every Friday. The goal is to see the students not only learn to spell but also be able to comprehend and understand how to use the words in context.
Of course, we have also started on Math, and this is one area we need to work quite a bit. Some of the returning students have a good base but I am finding our new students need quite a bit or remediation.
There has been a very good dynamic in the class. The students have all been coming in enthusiastic and ready to work, and seem to really enjoy each other’s company. I have seen some of the more shy students really open up in just one week and I have seen some of the other students really take a leadership role. I have seen a lot of patience and understanding on the part of all the students when one of them might need a little longer on a certain problem or subject, or is just having a rough time because of a disability. I am very encouraged and believe we will be able to build on this great start.
Mr. Frank

Upcoming Events & Announcements

  • Labor Day – Sept 4
  • Progress Reports – Sept 15

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