Ms. Jess’ Classroom New Sept 2017

New LEAPS logo Hello Parents and families! We’ve had a great first couple weeks in the Kindergarten/1st grade classroom.
Ms. Tiffany and I have loved getting to know your child.
This week we worked on our class schedule. We have circle time every morning. We come together to sing songs, talk about the day (days of the week, weather, and feelings) and to read stories. We have been working on staying safe on the playground as well. Continue reading “Ms. Jess’ Classroom New Sept 2017”

Mr. John’s New Sept 2017

New LEAPS logo I want to take this opportunity to welcome parents and students to the 2017-18 school year. I look forward to meeting each of you during the school session. My goals for the upcoming school year remain the same and that is to give each of your children the best learning environment that I can create. We as a team, and I emphasize the team, can and will make this a very successful year.
During the first nine weeks I will be testing each of my students to determine the starting point for each subject. This will be completed by eliminating the stress factor of success. They will be successful. Many of you will see information come home that will seem very repetitive and you would be correct. I find that many of our students lose their academic structure and meaning of subject matter. I will reintroduce these starting points especially in math and science. Continue reading “Mr. John’s New Sept 2017”

Mr. Franks Class News Sept 2017

New LEAPS logo It has been an exciting start to a new school year. One of the exciting events was an eclipse. We used this event to start a section in science on the solar system and studied specifically about the Sun, the Moon, and about Solar and Lunar eclipses. Continue reading “Mr. Franks Class News Sept 2017”

Mr Tom’s Classroom News Sept 2017

New LEAPS logo Our class has been busy getting to know one another! We have been practicing our phonics to improve our reading skills. In math, we are working on our addition, between the numbers 1-10. We are currently reading the book, “The Wind in the Willow.” The children are also working on the social and building skills with our tinker toy. Continue reading “Mr Tom’s Classroom News Sept 2017”