Mr. John’s High Performers

I would like to take this opportunity to say I hope all of you had a safe path through the trials and tribulations of Hurricane Irma. This was a very trying time for both parents and students. Please keep in mind that your children could be very traumatized by this event. Continue reading “Mr. John’s High Performers”

Ms. Jess’ Playful Pod Oct 2017

Hello New LEAPS Family! Fall is coming to the Kindergarten/1st grade room! We have spent the first few weeks of school working hard and now it’s time to add in some fall fun. We are dancing with scarecrows, painting leaves, and soon pumpkins will be making an appearance! We are looking forward to an outstanding October! Continue reading “Ms. Jess’ Playful Pod Oct 2017”

Mr. Frank’s Talent Squad Oct 2017

Mr. Frank’s class has been making good progress.

The students know to start journaling first thing in the morning. There is always a journal topic on the board and the students open their journals and get right to work. I have been pushing vocabulary using both weekly spelling lists and a text book called “Wordly Wise” to work on their vocabulary. We work on reading with a variety of handouts. This last week it was a long article on Hurricanes. All of the reading work requires written response and I concentrate on the students using complete sentences with good grammar. Continue reading “Mr. Frank’s Talent Squad Oct 2017”

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