Principal’s Letter March 2017

What a lovely way to end February! Love was so evident at New Leaps Academy, throughout February. All the students did valentines to one of our board members who has been ill. Oh! How it brightened his day! I am so proud that our students are giving back to the community every possible way. Cupid’s Café by Ms. Ashley’s class was so wonderful. All the staff members were served with love filled chocolates, fruits, nuts etc. Continue reading “Principal’s Letter March 2017”

Principal’s Letter Febuary 2017

New LEAPS Logo 544x544 Dear parents,
It’s hard to believe that we are into February already! We are gearing up into the second semester, with lots of skill development, learning and testing. I am very excited to welcome few new families into New Leaps Academy. In February, we will be showering love, which is very much needed for everyone, to all families, in our school and our community. Continue reading “Principal’s Letter Febuary 2017”

Principal’s Letter January 2017

Happy New Year
The month of December was very productive and meaningful to our students and staff, as we were involved in several community projects. The students made holiday cards for an elderly woman with Dementia, and she was thrilled to have received over 65 cards from our students. Also, the students made holiday cards for the seniors at Legacy Assisted Living Facility in New Tampa. Our heartfelt thank you to Santa and his Elf, for their gracious visit and for the goodies, they brought to us.
Continue reading “Principal’s Letter January 2017”