Deb Natale President’s Letter September 2016

Dear Parents,

New Leaps Logo Welcome back to school! Hope you enjoyed your summer and now are settling into the school routine. We are gearing up for a very busy year. The fundraising activity has begun again. Our 3rd Annual Luncheon Gala is underway, if you can’t make it please ask others to come and sponsor the school that your children attend. Continue reading “Deb Natale President’s Letter September 2016”

Principal’s Letter September 2016

Dear Parents,
New-LEAPS-Stransparent-PNG8-WEB-864x864-White-Stroke We have started our new school year 2016-17 with these wonderful students and staff, with a passion and vision. We are determined to be learning daily, from each other, life experiences and from books. All the students come into our school smiling and look forward to a fabulous year of learning. Having fun and develop in all areas of life. Continue reading “Principal’s Letter September 2016”

Mr. Frank’s Classroom News September 2016

Mr Frank and his students We had a great first week and spent a lot of time getting to know each other. We spent a lot of time on math and reading. This week was a review in math had some pleasant surprises and also found some areas we need to work on. The students are getting familiar with classroom procedures. Every morning is started with journaling a daily topic. Reading is incorporated into social studies and language. Continue reading “Mr. Frank’s Classroom News September 2016”