News from Mr. Frank’s Class May 2017

New LEAPS logo I feel like April has been a whirlwind of activity. We had Easter and testing and Earth day as well as Photo day. In preparation for testing we did a wide variety of work trying to fill in any gaps in Knowledge we might have missed. We spent a lot of time on parts of speech and on science. We covered ecosystems and habitats and went in depth into the composition of soils (pun intended). Continue reading “News from Mr. Frank’s Class May 2017”

Mr. John’s Classroom News May 2017

New LEAPS logo As the school year ends I would like to take this opportunity to reflect upon the school’s activities. As a first-time teacher in a private school system it is impossible for me to not make comparisons. During this school year, I have had the opportunity to work closely with many new colleagues and the hard-working attitudes and personalities have been both helpful and rewarding. Continue reading “Mr. John’s Classroom News May 2017”

President’s Letter May 2017

New LEAPS logo Dear Families and Staff,

Where has the time gone? By the time you read this our 2nd Annual Golf Tournament would already be over and I’m sure it was a huge success. New Leaps Academy is so fortunate to have so many dedicated staff and families step up and help out. Without this support we would never be where we are today and the Board of Directors thank each and every one of you. There will be programs in the office, stop by and pick one up all our sponsors are in there please be sure to thank them when you see them. Continue reading “President’s Letter May 2017”

Principal’s Letter May 2017

New LEAPS logo It feels surreal to know that we have come to the end of the school year 2016-17. Looking back, it has been a year of accomplishment for the students, staff and administration. Our students have improved in all areas- in all content areas, socially and emotionally as well. Continue reading “Principal’s Letter May 2017”

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